Wings on a plane

Here we are with another post! Today we we’ll talk about the wings of an aircraft a little bit!The wing is the part of the aircraft which has to lift the aircraft. This fin produces what we call aerodynamic force for flight. Also is the main generator of drag. The aerodynamic force is generated by an air pressure difference between the upper part of the wing and the lower part. The upper part has a lower pressure than the lower part, this leads to an upward force that must counteract the weight of the aircraft and the drag.

Low Pressure in a wing

In subsonic aircraft the wings have to have a longer path in the upper side than the bottom side to generate lift. This generates what we said before, a pressure difference between. In supersonic aircraft the wings are symmetrical. They generate lift by deflecting the air downwards with a given angle of attack. They are used in aerobatic planes to have better performance when the aircraft is upwards.

Lockheed-Martin F16. Straight and inverted flight


The wings usually have more devices on a wing than just a fin surface. It is not usual to use this devices on cruise. They work to produce more lift during low velocities, such as in take off’s and landings. They generate more lift by adding more surface to the wing. The part on the leading edge of the wing is called a slat. The air passes between the slat and wing and therefore more lift is generated.


Slats on a little aircraft

The other ones are called flaps they work nearby the same way as the slats. To produce more lift: more surface is given to the wing. Moving forward the slats and the flaps towards the wing we increase the total area of the wing and moving the flaps downward we get the lift risen, but a lot of drag is generated.


Extended flaps for an aircraft

Extended flaps for an aircraft


See you in the next post! I leave you with this beautiful video of the Boeing 787 DreamLiner doing some great acrobatic stunts!



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