Future of commercial aviation

Welcome to another new post! In this post we’ll talk about the future of commercial aviation.
Let’s start looking at this very first chart about the ranking of the airlines sorted by their annual carried passengers internationally (in thousands):


Scheduled Passengers Carried International

Scheduled Passengers Carried International

As you can observe there are some airlines that swap ranks but what’s important is that there is no airline that reduced its passengers! (Can you imagine being one of the headquarters of any of these airlines and having the responsibility of millions of passengers? I would turn crazy!!)
RyanAir leads this ranking with 80 millions passengers annually. Air France fell back from the 4th position to the 6th position. EasyJet had a big rise on their passengers from 37 millions to 52 millions! That is crazy! We can see that in this chart there are more European airliners than any others, that’s because of the agreements made between European countries.
Let’s see another chart, this one has the sum of domestic flights and international flights:
Scheduled Passengers Carried Total (International + Domestic)

Scheduled Passengers Carried Total (International + Domestic)

These are completely different numbers of passengers! You can observe that american airliners are the ones that have the biggest number of passengers carried, why? Because USA is bigger than Europe, and there are more flights domestically than international. Look at United Airlines, they grow up from 54 million passengers a year to 90 million passengers!! It nearby doubled their passengers. As the other chart this also keeps on growing. Experts say that this trend is going to be like this until 2030.
And what about the countries?
Projected Top 10 Markets in 2016 by International Passengers

Projected Top 10 Markets in 2016 by International Passengers

Also it will keep rising with USA at the top of the world. This future of commercial aviation is going to make the airspace more congested and thus some limits is being reached, like the capacity of the airspace or more delays in the flights. Projects like SESAR in Europe, or NextGen in USA are developing and investigating the inefficiencies and new strategies.
See you guys in the next post!

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