Chemtrails, should we be scared of them?

Arizona Contrails or Chemtrails?

Chemtrails are the jet trails that a plane releases from its engine. Some people like them because they make the sky beautiful others say that these trails are a danger for our planet. But first let’s talk about what are these trails and why are they formed.




The engine of an aircraft ejects air and water vapour at a very high temperature, and because the aircraft is flying at high height the air that surrounds the aircraft is very cold (~55ºC) and at a very low pressure. This causes a condensation, the air coming out from the jet quickly condensates into little water drops and then it freezes becoming ice. These ice drops is what we see in the trail of the aircraft, called contrails, diminutive of ‘condensation trails’.

Now you can say that if it’s just ice why all this flutter around this? Firstly because these trails are not just ice drops but with also products that the jet engine burns out, i.e. carbon dioxide, sulphates, nitrogen dioxide, etc. Conspirators say that the governments try to secretly release other substances that can be harmful for us, calling them chemtrails.

On September 2000 the FAA released a contrail fact sheet explaining what are these contrails and if they are harmful to us. You can check it by yourself from here. An extract from this file:

Persistent contrails pose no direct threat to public health. All contrails are line-shaped clouds composed of ice particles. These ice particles evaporate when local atmospheric conditions become dry enough (low enough relative humidity). The ice particles in contrails do not reach the Earth’s surface because they fall slowly and conditions in the lower atmosphere cause ice particles to evaporate.

Even if the government, let’s say, is spraying us with some mysterious-non-known-CIA-product, this substances, high on the atmosphere, the wind would spread it to unknown places and even though if they “fall” straight ahead they will get so diluted that the effect on us will be zero.

Remember that we can’t deny that the products released by the jet engine are affecting the contamination of our world! But it’s not Obama trying to make you sick or dumb with his beloved CIA and chemtrails!

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